Tech CTO Chats: Scaling 120% in 7 months from 39 to 95 people

with Michael Noonan, VP of Engineering at Octopus Deploy This Tech CTO Chat is one in a series of chats...

26 Nov 2021 by Cheryl Sen

Event On Demand: After Agile with MIT Prof. Kristine Dery

Agile has seen great success. The real challenge many organisations are struggling with is implementing agile at scale. Are large...

10 Nov 2021 by Cheryl Sen

Event On-Demand: Tech CTO Chats

Two Tech CTOs, Doug Rathbone from Airtasker and Tony Young from Linkly chat about topics close to their roles and...

12 Oct 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: Why You Need Product Management

While product management enjoys unquestioned support in the world’s most successful tech companies, other organisations that could substantially benefit from...

18 Aug 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Webinar On-Demand: Netflix’s 2021 Product Strategy

This talk, created by Gibson Biddle, former VP Product at Netflix, introduces three strategy frameworks to enable product leaders to define...

11 Aug 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: End of Discovery – How to Make Better Decisions

When a cycle of Product Discovery is finishing, you will often be faced with a decision point, and it will...

11 Aug 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: Agile is Dead, McKinsey Just Killed It

The agile movement revolutionised the way technology companies operated and was a key driving force behind successes like Google, Facebook...

4 Aug 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: Internal Vs External APIs Programs

Hear from Marsh Gardiner, Senior Product Manager at Google, on the differences between internal and external APIs programs.

28 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa
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