Video: Internal Vs External APIs Programs

Hear from Marsh Gardiner, Senior Product Manager at Google, on the differences between internal and external APIs programs.

28 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: Why APIs are Fundamental Building Blocks for Speed and Collaboration

Hear from Bala Kasiviswanathan, Former Head of Product for Google Cloud API Management at Google (currently the Chief Product Officer...

22 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Upcoming Webinar: Product Research Ops: How to Involve Customers In Every Release

Join us on Tuesday, August 17th at 10 AM (AEST). “Talk to your customers, build something people want” is a...

13 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: What Makes A Public API Good to Work With

Hear from Prashanth Subrahmanyam, Partner Engineer & Cloud Solutions Architect at Google Pay, on what makes a public API good...

8 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: The Top 4 Classic Software Development Books You Should Read

Much of the modern problems in software development have actually been solved and we keep forgetting this to our peril....

29 Jun 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: The Principles of a Product-led Approach

Product. As part of the tech community, then you’ve probably already said the word “product” today. Your co-workers have likely...

22 Jun 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Webinar On-Demand: How to Dance With Uncertainty (to be a Better Product Manager)

Uncertainty is a big puzzle in product management. On one hand, uncertainty points the way to opportunity (if everything is...

10 Jun 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: 4 Risks of Not Doing Product Discovery

If benefits don't cut through to convince your team on doing Product Discovery, the risks definitely will. Scott Middleton outlines...

9 Jun 2021 by Camilla Rosa
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