Webinar On-Demand: How to Ensure Modernisation Projects Don’t Fail

3 May 2022 by Lily Kingston

Global analysts like IDC predict App Modernisation to be CIOs top priority in 2022. Today, companies spend years mired in complex, lengthy and inefficient modernisation projects, manually trying to untangle code. 

Others opt to simply “lift and shift” forgoing the strong benefits of the cloud like scalability and elasticity. In this webinar, we’ll look at why app modernisation projects fail, and what can be done to ensure modernisation projects realise the business objectives they set out to accomplish.

Moti Rafalin

Moti Rafalin co-founded vFunction and serves as its CEO. He brings over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market to his role, with a focus on infrastructure, applications, and security. Prior to co-founding vFunction, Moti co-founded and led WatchDox from inception until its acquisition by BlackBerry, growing the company over 20 consecutive quarters and establishing it as a leader in the secure enterprise mobility and collaboration space. Subsequently, he served as Senior Vice President at BlackBerry LTD. Prior to co-founding WatchDox, he served as the General Manager of the Application Management Business at EMC. Moti served in the Israel Air Force where he led teams of engineers, technicians, and operational officers through cutting-edge technological projects. He is a graduate of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/vfunction/
Twitter: @v_function
YouTube: vFunction

Scott Middleton
CEO & Founder
Terem Technologies

Scott has been involved in the launch and growth of 61+ products and has published over 120 articles and videos that have been viewed over 120,000 times. Terem’s product development and strategy arm, builds and takes clients tech products to market, while the joint venture arm focuses on building tech spinouts in partnership with market leaders.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/scottmiddleton
Twitter: @scottmiddleton
Medium: scottymiddleton.medium.com

Scott Middleton Terem Technologies - Profile image

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