API Monetisation: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 1)

How your business makes money from its API is known as API monetisation and, it turns out, having a clear...

13 Jan 2022 by Scott Middleton

API Design Sprint Playbook

An API Design Sprint is a 5 to 10-day process for getting clarity on API products through design, prototyping and...

13 Oct 2021 by Scott Middleton

Video: Internal Vs External APIs Programs

Hear from Marsh Gardiner, Senior Product Manager at Google, on the differences between internal and external APIs programs.

28 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: Why APIs are Fundamental Building Blocks for Speed and Collaboration

Hear from Bala Kasiviswanathan, Former Head of Product for Google Cloud API Management at Google (currently the Chief Product Officer...

22 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

Video: What Makes A Public API Good to Work With

Hear from Prashanth Subrahmanyam, Partner Engineer & Cloud Solutions Architect at Google Pay, on what makes a public API good...

8 Jul 2021 by Camilla Rosa

An API Platform is Table Stakes for a Public API

An API platform is table stakes to build your public APIs on, especially if an API is a key part...

23 Jun 2021 by Scott Middleton

Analysis of ASX100 Public APIs

The state of public APIs for the ASX100, Australia’s biggest companies, isn’t great. Still, there are some promising examples of...

3 Mar 2021 by Scott Middleton

The 37 Dimension API-as-Product Assessment Framework

We’ve developed an API-as-Product Assessment Framework that we’re using to assess public APIs. We’re sharing this framework because you will...

24 Nov 2020 by Scott Middleton
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