Small teams delivering disruptive outcomes

Complex technology problems and opportunities are best tackled by small, cross-functional teams of specialists that can navigate engineering, commercial and organisational challenges.

We’ve designed our business around building the right technology in the right way with small teams.

From engineering to design to product strategy to data science, we mix people, practices and skills to get disruptive outcomes.

How You Can Engage Us


Set workshops that quickly help you get to the heart of it and, most likely learn something new.

Strategy & Research

Disciplined analysis combined with experience to workout the right way forward.

Design & Build

Design, define and iteratively build the technology and outcome you need.


Embed one of our experienced teams in your structure to help you get where you need faster.

Qantas Wellbeing for Android

Qantas engaged Terem to create the Android application for Qantas Wellbeing. As a result, Qantas was able to meet the needs of their customers without diverting internal teams.

Client Stories

Selected Insights

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