Service NSW: Payment Solutions Platform

A solution that provides an agency-wide, modern, standardised transaction process.

The Snapshot
  • The NSW Minister for Finance, Services, and Property tasked Service NSW with building a single whole-of-government payments engine.

  • With $500+ million in expected annual transactions across multiple state agencies, security, scalability and maintainability were key considerations.

  • The platform was developed within a complex multi-vendor and multi Government agency framework.

  • The platform had been successfully rolled out with initial state agency Roads and Maritime Services.

The Engagement

The Payment Solutions Platform (PSP) was designed to provide a modern payment infrastructure that will standardise transaction across NSW government agencies. The PSP allows government to centralise payment. This minimises back-office costs and allows agencies to offer modern payment options (Paypal, Apple Pay etc) without the need to develop those capabilities in house. The PSP will enable government to provide the public with a consistent payment experience for all government services, everything from car registration to fishing licences.

Terem was engaged as one of the lead vendors on the project. Terem worked with Service NSW, implementing Agile practices that would work within the structure of a government agency. This involved managing the balance between fast, iterative development and the documentation controls required by the department. To support this balance, Terem implemented sandboxed test environments, regular standups and focused on tying development back to the core user stories.

As a result of this engagement, Terem delivered the PSP’s receipting functionality and related services within the aggressive timeframes demanded by the rollout. Terem continues to work with Service NSW on expanding the functionality of the PSP to further support payments across the state.

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