How Terem Started

A letter from Scott, Terem's CEO & Founder

In 2011 I had just finished working with a scaling SaaS company and helped launch a startup.

I was frustrated with how slow it was to release new, quality product. It held both companies back from hitting their goals and growing as fast as they could.

When I cast around to people I knew, I realised they had the same problem. They just couldn’t ship product because they didn’t have access to the teams they needed to deliver their roadmap faster or figure out what the right roadmap looked like.

One company had even missed a multi-million dollar partnership opportunity.

Frustrated by this lack of access to a skilled product partner, I started Terem.

After 8 years of building products and providing product consulting to Australia’s enterprises, Government agencies and tech companies I feel like we’ve refined the model and created a new category of firm – a product consulting firm.

We’ve bought together every capability needed to successfully develop and take tech products to market.

We’ve built a culture that combines the get-it-done attitude of startups with the wisdom of big companies.

We’re constantly evolving because we know that we only succeed if you succeed.

See you soon,

Scott Middleton

CEO & Founder

The Terem Team

Based in Sydney, Australia, Terem is a team of professionals available to work flexibly from the Terem offices or embedded on-site.

We have the expertise to operate in the following areas:
Client Experience
Delivery Managers
Product Strategists and Managers
Business Analysts
UX Analysts
Software Engineers
Solution Architects
Quality Assurance

Our Philosophy

The key pillars that define our company and our people

People Are Most Important

We build long-term relationships by always acting with Integrity and communicating openly and honestly – even when it hurts.

Strive For Quality Outcomes

We strive for the highest quality outcome, the meeting point of engineering excellence, technology and commercial reality.

Live For Challenges

We face problems with a smile and enthusiasm. We welcome robust, opinionated, heated debates in the search of the right solution (or the right problem).

Always Learn And Apply

Training, hack days and meetups are just part of our environment where people are encouraged to learn something new and apply it. Simply knowing something isn’t enough.

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

Back yourself but always be looking for and open to alternative viewpoints in data and from others.

Want to learn more about Terem?

We’re the happiest when we help ship a new product.

 We’re constantly evolving to help ship better products, faster.