Immutable X Marketplace

Snapshot of the Engagement

Immutable, the fastest Australian Company to reach Unicorn Status, is a global cryptocurrency platform with a token that has rapidly grown to a multi-billion dollar market capitalisation. Immutable runs the non-fungible token (NFT) trading card game Gods Unchained. Gods Unchained is a ‘play to earn’ game, where players can earn NFTs over time and can trade those NFTs.  Immutable X is Immutable’s marketplace for players to buy or sell their NFTs.

Terem were engaged to help speed up development of Immutable X’s product roadmap, working on the front-end for the marketplace.

Key Challenges

When we started working with Immutable we identified that the largest challenge was that the Immutable X marketplace front end was built on React Boilerplate which is now unsupported. The challenges the React Boilerplate frontend posed were:

  • Outdated code packages causing issues for future development.

  • No server-side rendering which was a blocker for some SEO requirements.

  • An overly complex architecture.

How Terem Helped

Terem developed a Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate the benefit of moving the front end of the Immutable X marketplace to Next.js. The benefits of this included:

  • Server side rendering – unblocked SEO requirements.

  • Re-architect data fetching.

  • Still able to reuse most of the components with some refactoring.

  • Immutables design system and css approach was reusable with the exception of navigation components.

The Solution Terem Delivered

The Proof of Concept was well received and the new marketplace front end was prioritised and built rapidly in Next.js in just over two sprints. The highlights of the new marketplace are:

  • It is now much faster as well as having a 36% reduction in total code base size including images, total lines of code in the repos:
    ○ Original: 104,396
    ○ Terem Next.js delivery: 66,623

  • It is now faster for developers to deliver on features and support tickets, continuously giving more value to users.

  • An end to end automated test framework which gives more confidence to be able to iterate and release more frequently.

From the success of the speed of this delivery Immutable is now working to quickly rebuild and improve other projects and roadmap items.

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