MYOB Practice Online

Terem has had a five-year long partnership with MYOB to help them develop various products, most recently working collaboratively with...

21 Jun 2022 by Alex Vlassov

Transport for NSW, TrainLink Booking & Payments Portal

In 2018, the decommissioning of the separate NSW TrainLink website occurred, which saw the rebuild of its booking and payments...

20 Jan 2022 by Alex Vlassov

Qantas COVID-19 Lounge

Qantas is required to record all details of everyone who has been in a Qantas lounge, as a part of...

20 Jan 2022 by Alex Vlassov

Qantas Biometric Check-In

Qantas is constantly experimenting with new and emerging technologies to deliver better customer service and remain competitive in the global...

20 Jan 2022 by Alex Vlassov

Qantas Money App

Qantas Loyalty needed to redevelop the Qantas Points mobile app for better customer engagement. The current Qantas Points iOS mobile...

20 Jan 2022 by Alex Vlassov

Thorn Group, Radio Rentals Mobile Experience

An improved user onboarding experience that led to an increased application completion rate, a reduction in errors, and technical independence...

12 Jan 2022 by Alex Vlassov

Immutable X Marketplace

Immutable, the fastest Australian Company to reach Unicorn Status, is a global cryptocurrency platform with a token that has rapidly...

16 Nov 2021 by Alex Vlassov

Standards Australia Store

Terem was engaged by Standards Australia to design and deliver an ecommerce and content distribution platform and web reader.

11 Nov 2021 by Alex Vlassov
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