Why government “risk mitigation” rarely delivers

25 Aug 2014 by Scott Middleton

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Recent state and federal government initiatives to embrace the potential of small companies in providing more innovative solutions to government technology are to be applauded. But a bureaucracy’s worst enemy is sometimes itself.

When I hear of a government panel and policies for vendor selection I immediately jump to the conclusion that it will be biased in favour of the entrenched suppliers, so it’s a pleasant surprise to discover a distinct, considered effort by the Department of Finance in its Cloud Procurement Discussion Paper, released on August 5.

Standing up for the small guy

The discussion paper is broken into two objectives, to “provide simple access to cloud procurement” for government and to “support a flexible, agile and competitive marketplace for cloud services”. The paper suggests some initial product categories that will be allowed to participate in the scheme and outlines at a high level how its objectives will be fulfilled.

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