Wearables for the University of Sydney

26 May 2015 by Scott Middleton

Technology you can wear, like the Apple watch, have been coined as ‘Wearables’ which are paving the way for how we consumer technology in the future.

Terem Technologies are at the forefront of the Wearables revolution as we have recently created and launched a health and fitness application, UBWell, for The University of Sydney’s Brain & Mind Research Institute (the BMRI).

UBWell is a tracking and management device used to help doctors and academics monitor their patients’ health and wellbeing throughout experiential trials. UBWell measures and predicts, varying levels of both physical and emotional data including mood, sleep, anxiety and energy amongst a range of other metrics.

Patients are prompted to select the attributes that will be measured, and then seamlessly enter data about each metric through a simple touch screen process up to 4 times a day.

By integrating the application into Wearables devices such as the fitbit and Apple watch, patients can easily input data about their physiological state where doctors and researchers can access the data instantaneously without having to resort to labour and cost intensive data capture methodologies.

Terem Technologies CEO, Scott Middleton says that the UBWell technology and its application to a Wearables device is a forward thinking strategy for those holding clinical trials to revolutionise how they engage in patient data;

“Collecting data through Wearables technology for clinical trials and monitoring patient activity is an ahead of the curve move by the BMRI in changing the way data is collected, monitored and analysed. We are proud to have been part of the shift to move away from traditional trial methodologies and bring new ways of using and delivering data to the medical industry”, Scott said.

“The BMRI’s vision is exceptional, leading the way in the use of wearable technology for medical institutions and research“, he said.

Download the UBWell app for: Android  or iPhone.

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