Webinar on Demand: Using OKRs to Determine Your Product Roadmap

7 May 2021 by admin

To achieve your product goals, it’s important to build a measurable and results-driven roadmap. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are the game changer and bring more alignment & engagement across teams and the business around measurable goals, that are mapped out in your roadmap.

Join David Pereira, Head of  Product Management at Virtual Reality, and Angus McDonald, Senior Product Manager, Terem on this webinar where David will share his 10+ years of experience and insights on:

  • What a roadmap should include to help your team thrive
  • Why most roadmaps lead nowhere but to frustration. David will share stories outlining what it was in roadmaps that ended up frustrating everyone, customers, product teams and businesses
  • Escaping from pointless roadmaps
  • Objective Key Results in practice

Presenter: David Pereira, Head of Product Management, Virtual Identity

David Pereira is a passionate product leader with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked in multiple scenarios, from start-ups to large corporations. Currently, David leads a product management team in Germany. Also, he is an editor and writer of Serious Scrum on Medium, where he shares weekly insights.

Medium: medium.com/@davidavpereira

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/davidavpereira

Twitter: @davidavpereira

YouTube: youtube.com/c/DavidPereira

Host: Angus McDonald, Senior Product Manager, Terem


Angus McDonald is a senior product manager at Terem and heads up our Product team. He has over a decade of product management experience in small and large software vendors, and also a decade of software consulting experience before that.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/angusmcdonald/

Medium: medium.com/@falkayn

Twitter: @falkayn

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