2022 State of API Report in Australia and New Zealand

2 Nov 2022 by Angus Macdonald

We surveyed 104 developers, managers, and API professionals from over 50 organisations—including Afterpay, Qantas, the ATO, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Coles.

APIs are a major growth opportunity and revenue driver for organisations of all sizes, across all industries.

While there is notable research into the State of APIs around the world, there is no comparable, comprehensive study into how API’s are viewed and managed by Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Get Insights on Building APIs Across Australia and New Zealand

When we looked around for insights into what others were doing with APIs around Australia and New Zealand, we could not find anything substantial to base decisions on. So, we set out to collect a comprehensive view of how APIs are used and managed.

The data in this report give organisations an opportunity to benchmark themselves, and improve how they build and manage APIs. It contains data and insights on API usage, maturity, technology, security, and management.

Download the full report via the form below.

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