Qantas COVID-19 Lounge

  • Qantas is required to record all details of everyone who has been in a Qantas lounge, as a part of COVID-19 contact tracing conditions.

  • Terem was approached to iterate on the Qantas LAMS product to allow them to track lounge users in the event contract tracing is needed.

  • Terem delivered an iteration of the existing web application form using iOS technology. Qantas customers are able to scan a QR code to enter their details when gaining access to the lounge.

  • Delivered within a timeframe of 7 weeks.

  • Terem enables customer data from the webform to be able to be recorded within the Qantas LAMS system. This then allows Qantas staff to see and track the number of members within a current lounge.

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