Event On Demand: After Agile with MIT Prof. Kristine Dery

10 Nov 2021 by Lily Kingston

Agile has seen great success. The real challenge many organisations are struggling with is implementing agile at scale.

Are large organisations too ambitious to roll out agile at scale? That being the case, is agile now dead? If not, what role does it play? Or if so, what comes next after agile?

In this webinar, we’re going to look at the research on building both the skills and the ways of working that are needed for success in a digital world as we engage Kristine in a lively discussion on her views around agile. She has spent over 15 years with MIT, the University of Sydney and Macquarie University researching ways of working – like agile. Her research has brought her close to companies like ANZ, DBS Bank, Schneider Electric and many others.

Kristine Dery
Academic Research Fellow

Kristine Dery is also a Professor of Work, Technology, and Innovation at Macquarie University and an Associate Dean Post Experience at Macquarie Business School.

In her research, she pushes the boundaries to understand how large companies are leading and changing new ways of working and in the broader context of digital transformation.

Professor Dery explores the employee experience in the context of Agile Ways of Working, Virtual Connectivity, and also what it takes to attract and retain the talent with the digital skills to successfully deliver on the challenges of new digital business models.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kristinedery/
Twitter: @kristinedery

Scott Middleton
CEO & Founder

Scott has been involved in the launch and growth of 61+ products and has published over 120 articles and videos that have been viewed over 120,000 times. Terem’s product development and strategy arm, builds and takes clients tech products to market, while the joint venture arm focuses on building tech spinouts in partnership with market leaders.

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