Do you allow yourself time to innovate?

18 Jun 2015 by Scott Middleton

Many business owners start with the intention to innovate and develop great new ways of working, before the daily grind sets in and some of that innovation ambition can take a back seat.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean you need to develop or build something from scratch, it can easily mean automating a simple process with a system that already exists, is cheap and readily accessible. A prime example could be instead of paper based timesheets, have staff or contractors fill these out digitally and back link to a tracking system rather than having to manually review hard copy documents.

These are small, simple and effective things that can keep your business competitive and at the forefront without having to develop a whole new way of doing things.

Here are five core tips on how you can start to evolve an innovative working model in your business:

1. Work on the culture, not the structure
2. Integrate customers in the innovation process
3. Updating trumps creating
4. Focus on ideas
5. Don’t be fast; be right

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