Predictions for 2019 are just more of the same, could be a good thing

9 Jan 2019 by Scott Middleton

Predictions for 2019 are overwhelmingly unexciting but this could be a good thing.

  1. No-one is hyping some new technology that will change everything forever (“Mobile + Social!!!”, “AI will replace all humans”, “BITCOIN!?!!1!!”)
  2. Companies have forgotten innovation, become bored by innovation or just didn’t create the next uber fast enough so gave up. Or, maybe they’ve made it business as usual.
  3. Companies are kind of finished transforming agile-ly (or at least no one is listening if they are announcing that they are).
  4. Startup funding rounds appear to be flattening

All of this is happening in a macro environment where no-one is jumping out of windows or dramatically withdrawing cash from stock markets despite a U.S./China trade war, the U.S. Government being partially shutdown and Australian house prices slowly falling or flattening (depending on where you live).

For the foreseeable part of 2019 – the next 3-6 months – it looks like everyone (Governments/politicians excepted) is being pragmatic and just getting on with things that make sense.

If you take some time to scour the internet for 2019 predictions or information about the state of the economy or the tech industry then you’re unlikely to be excited. The summary you will take away will probably be along the lines of “more of the same”, “things could get a little bit better or a little bit worse”, “minor improvements or changes to trends (tech, processes, practices) that you already know about”.

If you take these predictions as true and pause to consider them, then the start of this year is possibly really exciting. It means pushing through with your plans and goals without needing to give pause to some new trend throwing you off course, or distracting you (or your boss).

This isn’t to say that the disruptive technologies and trends of recent years can be ignored. Rather they’ve made their mark and are gradually moving out of the silly part of the hype cycle and into the being pragmatically applied in order to deliver actual benefits to companies, their staff and customers.

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