Webinar On Demand: Gamification – Nail Your Product Goals by Influencing User Habits

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun" - Mary Poppins Gamification is a tool...

14 Aug 2020 by Camilla Rosa
Gamification: Nail Your Product Goals by Influencing User Habits

User Behaviour: What Nokia’s Demise and Facebook’s Success Tells Us

Users often say they would do a certain action when asked in market research, but actually take a completely different...

3 Dec 2019 by Scott Middleton

Webinar On Demand: User Onboarding Best Practice

Want to know how to make your App onboarding faster? Smoother? More user friendly? David and Scott will take you...

26 Nov 2019 by Lily Kingston

12 Behavioural Data Types for Product Management

Behavioural data, data that describes the observed actions of users or customers, gives you real insights into how people are...

16 Jan 2019 by Scott Middleton
behavioural_data: app analytics