Dealing With Uncertainty and Product Decisions in Large Organisations

Product and development teams often try to deal with the uncertainty they face with more research, more analysis, more process,...

13 Oct 2020 by Scott Middleton
Dealing With Uncertainty and Product Decisions in Large Organisations

Why Do Product Discovery?

Many teams and organisations jump into build mode too early. Then they build something that customers reject, they miss the...

1 Oct 2020 by Scott Middleton
The Dangers of Not Doing a Product Discovery

Best 4 Classic Software Development Books

Much of modern problems in software development have actually been solved and we keep forgetting this to our peril. Every...

14 Sep 2020 by Scott Middleton
Best 4 Classic Software Team Management Books

An Expert on When GraphQL is the Right Tech

I’m asking Simon Wardan, Senior Architect at Terem, a few questions about GraphQL, its pros and cons, and why we...

27 Aug 2020 by Alberto Camillo
Why Do Companies Choose GraphQL for Their Tech Products?

Release Now or Later? How to Assess Risk

Many organisations worry about the risk of releasing more than the risks of not releasing. People focus on what will...

31 Jul 2020 by Scott Middleton
Release Now or Later? How to Assess Risk

Stop Confusing Agile Dev with Product Dev

People keep confusing agile with product development but they are different concepts. It’s important to make this distinction because it...

29 Apr 2020 by Scott Middleton

Productivity and Product Development: An Initial Exploration

Managing a product development organisation made up of multiple teams tasked with delivering functioning software means that you need to...

19 Dec 2019 by Scott Middleton

Why Failure Criteria is Essential for Product Success

This post has been so popular we have created a downloadable template for you to use to track your product...

23 May 2019 by Scott Middleton